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Under Bonnet Installations
If paired with a DC-DC charger you can install our batteries under bonnet without voiding the warranty (a DC-DC charger fitted with a temperature sensor can recognise the increased temperature of the battery and can regulate the current much more effectively whereas the current cannot be regulated with the use of an isolator or voltage sensitive relay connected between the battery and alternator). Bear in mind you will always get better life out of any deep cycle battery installed into your cabin rather than under your bonnet as the heat affects them over the long term.

A warranty against defects is provided in addition to the consumer guarantees and does not limit or replace them. Smooth4WD warrants the product to be free from defects for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. A repair, replacement, or refund for goods purchased is only allowed if the product is faulty. This warranty does not cover:
Normal wear and tear
Physical damage
Incorrect Use
Incorrect installation
Under bonnet use (unless charged via a DC-DC charger)
Negligence (before or during use)
Faulty vehicle charging system
Modification by a third party
Stored for a long period of time without maintenance/charging
The warranty also does not cover discharged batteries or diminishing capacity due to battery age and depth of discharge.

If you feel your product is faulty please contact us as soon as reasonably possible. If the product is tested and found to be in good working order the cost of shipping back to you will be at your expense, if found to be faulty we will ship to you at our expense.