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Q. If I make an order when can I expect delivery?
A. If you order before 11am we will more than likely ship same day. If you live in a capital city there is a 95%+ chance you will receive your order the following day.

Q. Can I arrange to pick up my order?
A. Although we are an online shop pick ups can be arranged by appointment. We're pretty flexible so just touch base.

Q. How did you get into selling batteries & solar panels?
A. An ankle reconstruction! Ask me and I'll tell you the longer story!

Q. What if what I want isn't on your website?
A. Give us a call, in most cases we can get a hold of what you want.

Q. Why the name Smooth4WD?
A. Smooth is a nickname I picked up from my basketballing days when I was around 18-19 and coincided with the fact I had little to no hair back at that age. I used to shave it however these days I seem to not need to shave it as much! I also thought Smooth4WD was a great play on words since most 4WDing adventures are just the opposite of being smooth!